About Us

Our story

Arden Kitchen revolves around people, technology, and quality. The world keeps revolving so does our technology. With this mindset, we believe that the latest technology will be able to bring innovation to kitchen appliances. Through years of research and 10 years of experience in manufacturing kitchen appliances. Our core team has brought to you the selections of our best products. With the thought of our customers in mind, all the products remain affordable so they will be able to reach more communities hence helping more people to enjoy the high-quality yet affordable kitchen appliances

Life starts with Arden

Our vision & mission

Our vision

Arden Kitchen aims to be a trusted global brand for high quality and savvy kitchen appliances, yet affordable for larger communities.

Our Mission

Arden Kitchen is committed to helping more people through our best selection of products. Our motto is "Life starts with Arden", which means we bring new life to you and your kitchen.

Our Locations

Arden Kitchen is currently based in 2 locations, Singapore and Malaysia. Our team is currently preparing to expand our wings to more countries in South East Asia like Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. We sincerely would like to count on your support so we will be able to share our selection of our best products with more people around the world

Marina Bay Sands
Twin Tower, Malaysia